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N’dalosabna Piscataquak and Map by Lisa Brooks                                                                


Foreword by A Portsmouth NH History in 101 Objects Advisors                                          


A Rainbow of Cultures by Joanna Kelley                                                                                   


Savings Places and Building Community by Jameson French                                            


Expectation to Opportunity: The Paths of Portsmouth Women by MaryJo Brown            


City of the Open Door (1923 Brochure) by Deaglan McEachern                                                   


Still Here (Chert blade scraper) by Alexandra Martin and Anne Jennison                                          


They Came to Fish (Piscataqua River Watershed) by Jeff Bolster                                                     


MAP: “Piscatway River in New England by I.S. Americanus” c. 1655-60                                 


The Things They Carried (1660-90 Sherburne Mirror) by Sandra Rux                                   


Piscataqua Region Desk Box (1685) by Hollis Brodrick & Gerald W.R. Ward                         


Marsh Shoe/Snowshoe by Hollis Brodrick                                                                                   

350 Years of Faith in the Port City (North Church) by Douglas Woodward                              


Portsmouth’s Historic Cemeteries by Chris Benecick                                                                  


Remnants of Wood & Belief (Jackson daisywheel) by Emerson W. Baker & Alyssa G.A. Conary       


Diplomacy in the Dawnland (1713 Treaty of Portsmouth) by Charles B. Doleac, Esq.                       


Peace on the Frontier (1718 Warner House Murals) by Martha Pinello                                             


One of the Oldest Lodges (St. John’s Masonic Lodge No.1, 1736) by Rodney McDonald              


HMS America: A New Naval Heritage (Ship’s Model 1746) by Elizabeth Aykroyd & Rob Napier   


Molly’s Table (1750) by Gerald W.R. Ward                                                                                   


Governor’s Lodgings (1753-60 Wentworth Mansion) by Peter J. Michaud                           


Treasures of St. John’s (Baptismal Font, Bell, Roberts Stained Glass Window) by Ronan Donohoe    


“America’s Oldest Newspaper” (1756 New Hampshire Gazette) by Steve Fowle                                   


Colonial Luxuries (1763 Chippendale Chairs) by Barbara McLean Ward                                          


From Mansion to Museum (1763 Moffatt-Ladd House) by Barbara McLean Ward                         


Pre-Revolutionary Tastes (1765 “China Table”) by Gerald W.R. Ward                                             


Raise the Flag, Boys! (1766 Liberty Pole & 1824 Laban Beecher Eagle) by Sherm Pridham     


Some Tastemakers of Early Portsmouth (1767-90 Wallpapers) by Richard C. Nylander           


Women’s Voices, Stilled (1768 Hanging of Ruth Blay Mural) by Carolyn Marvin                          


The Way Things Were in 1774 (“Residence of George Boyd” Landscape) by Thomas Hardiman, Jr.  


The Cut of a Revolutionary (1774 Samuel Cutts’ Suit & Paul Revere) by Elizabeth Farish                  


Witness to History (1776 Independence Tree planted by William Whipple) by Charles Baxter      


Mixed Messages: Stavers’ Pitt Tavern (1777) by Stephanie Seacord                                                  


Black Petitioners for Freedom by Barbara McLean Ward                                                               


John Paul Jones Visits Portsmouth (1780 Houdon Bust) by J. Dennis Robinson                         


Langdon: Patriot, Patrician, Politician (1784 Gov. Langdon Mansion) by Melissa Kershaw        


The State Seal and the Raleigh (1784) by Secretary of State William Gardner                            

Walking with Washington (1789 Hair Memorial and Wine Glass) by Elizabeth Farish                


Water Works (Portsmouth Water System (1797 Wood Pipes) by Brian F. Goetz                          


“From Sails to Atoms” (1800 Portsmouth Naval Shipyard) by Gary Hildreth                                 


An Early Adopter’s Comforts of Home (1807 Rundlet-May House, 1807) by Melissa Kershaw 


The Place That Shaped Daniel Webster (1807-17 Portsmouth Residences) by Peggy Newland 


An Embargo Falls, An Artform Rises (1813 Judkins and Senter Sideboard) by Gerald W.R. Ward

1813 Map Map of the compact part of the town of Portsmouth in the state of New Hampshire. 


In War’s Aftermath (“Uncle Billy’s Sunday Leg” and the Spaulding Papers) by Jessica Ross         


Looking Forward: Looking Back (1830 John Samuel Blunt Landscape) by Deborah M. Child      


Patently Knit (1839 Richard Walker Knitting Machine Patent) by Richard M. Candee                    


A Kinder, Gentler Portsmouth (1840 Sampler by Sarah Currier) by Tara Vose Raiselis                    


King Cotton in Portsmouth (1845 Sarah Parker Goodwin Dress) by Elizabeth Farish                      

A West Indies’ Merchant’s Stoneware Jug by Gerald W.R. Ward                                                     


This is Clipper Country (1851 Witch of the Wave Model) by Stephanie Seacord                         


Time Will Tell (1854 North Church Steeple Clock) by Robert Sullivan, Esq.                                  


Beneath Portsmouth Arches (1853 Return of the Sons of Portsmouth Lithograph) by Jane Nylander 


Brewster’s Rambles (1859) by Thomas Hardiman, Jr.                                                                     



Field of Rosewood Dreams (1866 Base Ball in Portsmouth) by Thomas R. Watson                


“Coming from the Navy Yard” (1867 Thomas P. Moses Painting) by Richard M. Candee        


“Not so really bad a boy” (1870 Story of a Bad Boy, Thomas Bailey Aldrich) by Charles Librizzi            

Creatures Great and Small (1870 Rundlet-May Pet Cemetery) by Peter J. Michaud                          


More Rapid Than Eagles (James Bellamy’s Eagles) by Jim Craig                                                      


Fire! Portsmouth’s Kearsarge (1870 Kearsarge Steam Engine) by Steven E. Achilles                     


A Sense of the Place (Sarah Haven Foster, Portsmouth Guidebook 1876) by Maryellen Burke   


1877 “Bird’s-eye view print of Portsmouth, New Hampshire”                                                 


The Music Hall Behind the Curtain (1878 The Music Hall Painted Canvas) by Zhana Morris  


“History Lights Our Way” (1878 Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse) by Jeremy D’Entremont              


Celia Thaxter: Light in the Isles (1880 Ceramics, Portrait and Poetry) by Nicole Luongo Cloutier   


Typecast and Masthead (1884 Portsmouth Herald) by Howard Altschiller                                          


Capt. Edward Adams’ Great Bay (1886 Adams Carvings) by Michael Provost                                  


Venetian Stone Lions (1887 Creek Farm) by Peter J. Michaud                                                         


Portsmouth Remembers the Civil War (1888 Soldiers & Sailors Monument) by Mike Pride      


The Rockingham Lion (1889 Frank Jones’ Rockingham Hotel Lions) by Glenn A. Knoblock     


Citizen Diplomacy Matters (1905 Portsmouth Peace Treaty) by Charles B. Doleac, Esq.           


Temple Israel Memory Book (1905-present Temple Israel Community) by Fran Berman          


Setting the Stage for Preservation (1915 Wallace Nutting Wentworth-Gardner by Richard M. Candee 


A New Era, In Deed (1916 Women’s City Club Deed by Ellen Fineberg                                          


The Memorial Bridge 1923-2013 by Tammi Truax                                                                         


Carbon Footprint in Coal Dust (1930 Walker Coal Co. Coal Bag) by Rodney Rowland           


Keeping the Waterfront Working (1937 Cheney. “Bow St.”) by Richard M. Candee & Jack Blalock     


Cautious Ventures (1938 Rock Rest Chair) by Gerald W.R. Ward                                                    


A Taste of Portsmouth (1941 Gilley’s) by Rachel Forrest                                                                


Under the Sea in Ships (1941 Shipyard Submarines) by D. Allan Kerr                                         


Black Entrepreneurs (1950 Rosary Cooper Beauty Shop) by Barbara McLean Ward             


The End of Puddle Dock by Sherm Pridham                                                                                


The Community Dining Room (1947 Yoken’s Sign) by Chuck Carlton & John P. Bohenko    


Rainbow Reflections (1955 Sagamore Club Sign) by Tom Kaufhold                                         

In the Hands of Antiquity (1950 Ed Weissman Antiques Sign) by Laura Calhoun                  

Portsmouth Greenspaces (1954 Prescott Park) by Charles Baxter                                           

Pease: Carrots and Sticks (1982 Pease Air Force Base) by Roger Wood                                  

Neighborhood of Newcomers (1958 Strawbery Banke Museum) by Lawrence J. Yerdon                   


The Loss and Legacy of USS Thresher (1963) by Kevin Galeaz                                                         


Portsmouth’s Lost Little Italy (1969) by Laura Pope                                                                       


A Dining Dynasty: The Blue Strawbery (1970) by James Haller                                                   


Something Endures (1971-72 David Atwater Paintings of the North End) by Richard M. Candee      


Market Square Reimagined and Revitalized (1970) by Robert Thoresen                                           


The Curtain Rises on a Cultural Economy (1977 Pontine) by Greg Gathers & Marguerite Mathews 


We All Lived by a Yellow Submarine (1983 Children’s Museum of Portsmouth) by Denny Doleac  


Roots & Branches of Living Memory (1985 Sister City Cherry Trees) by Stephanie Seacord             


Under November Skies (1990 Salt Piles) by Carl Hyatt                                                                   


Live Music Beckons: The Elvis Room & Beyond (1993) by Denise Wheeler                               


Learning to Dance: The Shipyard Project (1994) by Chris Dwyer                                                  


An Umbrella for a Parade (1994 Halloween Parade) by Trevor Bartlett                                       


A Citizen for Every Year: Mayor Eileen Foley (1995 Citizen of the Year Plate) by Mary Carey Foley  


Save Our Shipyard! (2005 Yellow T-shirt) by Paul O’Connor                                                          


The Riverine World of Gundalow Piscataqua (2008-11) by Molly Bolster                                   


We Stand for Those Unnamed, Unrecorded (African Burying Ground Memorial) by Valerie Cunningham      


Picking Up the Pieces (2020 Community Quilts) by Cathryn Czajlowski                                          


An Eye to the Future (North Church Weathervane) by J. Dennis Robinson                                     


2030 Map: Projection of 18 feet of Sea Level Rise                                                                     





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