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Portsmouth NH in
101 objects

A History of Portsmouth NH in 101 Objects
224 pages with 101 full-color photographs, maps and timeline

Created as a city-wide legacy project for the Portsmouth NH 400th anniversary. Includes 101 objects symbolizing the spirit of Portsmouth and its history since before European contact and in the 400 years since. Treasured objects are matched with intriguing texts from 80 experts who know their topics well. A compilation that unites many local voices to celebrate Portsmouth’s unique, diverse and wide-ranging history.

When invited to participate, there was a consistent theme to the responses: 
“I’d be honored ...”

“... to write an essay on the significance and value of our yellow Save-Our-Shipyard t-shirts.” - Paul O’Connor, Metal Trades Council President, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard during the BRAC hearings in 2005

“... the protective markings carved into the woodwork at Jackson house to ward off evil demons could speak to the spiritual life and even witchcraft accusations in Portsmouth in the 1600s.” - Emerson W. Baker, author of The Devil of Great Island: Witchcraft and Conflict in Early New England

“History certainly is a ball of string. You just keep pulling, and pulling, and pulling…” - Mary Jo Brown
“What a great idea! And what an honor to be included among this stellar cast of local historians. They remind us every day that exploring and understanding Portsmouth’s past is vital to the city’s future.” - 
J. Dennis Robinson, author of a dozen narrative history books. and the mystery novel Point of Graves
“... to write about Sarah Haven Foster. YES! I would love to participate... Gives me a chance to revisit my original essay.” - Maryellen Burke, author of the chapter on Sarah Haven Foster, Portsmouth Women
“I’m very touched that you asked. I miss the community so much. I identify Portsmouth as my ‘home’ no matter where I live! Participating in this project makes me feel less homesick.” - Rachel Forrest, former restaurant reviewer for the Portsmouth Herald, writing about the Gilley’s hot dog
“What a wonderful and unique way to celebrate Portsmouth’s historic legacy.” - Glenn Knoblock, author of Brewing in New Hampshire, writing about Frank Jones
“Thank you for consideration on this history project. I am very interested [in telling the story of the Portsmouth Fire Department’s 1872 Kearsarge steam engine].” - Steven E. Achilles, author of Firefighting in New Hampshire

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